Nuud Gum burst onto the scene in 2020, garnering attention and acclaim for its eco-friendly approach to chewing gum. Their initial branding was expertly crafted by the talented team at Mother/Broody.

The mission objective

— Shopify Subscriptions
— Brand & Process Refinement
— Customer Experience
— Conversion Rate Optimisation

Digital brand guidelines

We developed comprehensive digital brand guidelines for Nuud, ensuring consistency, uniformity, and hierarchy in their online experience. Typography, calls to action, imagery, and graphics received special attention creating a clear and concise appearance.

Updated pitch decks

Whilst we focused on Nuud’s D2C offering, we ensured their supermarket channels were not affected. Leveraging our expertise in storytelling, we crafted compelling pitch decks that captivated supermarket decision-makers and opened doors to valuable partnerships.

A bespoke Shopify store

We crafted a new online presence for Nuud, emphasising their message and streamlining the customer journey. Leveraging Shopify and ReCharge, we implemented a robust self-serve subscription system, empowering customers to easily manage their subscriptions.

New systems and processes

Using Gorgias, we eliminated a lot of the heavy lifting required to support customers — finding orders, tracking shipments and managing returns. Customers’ profiles are now accessible in a single interface, meaning agents can resolve problems quickly and find the root of problems with ease.

Brand new workflows

With powerful new workflows built in Klaviyo — granular customer profiling and bespoke templating — Nuud are now free to reach out to each customer with personalised recommendations, long-form brand and product updates, and individualised promotions.

Results that speak for themselves

18% conversion uplift.

10% average order value increase.

71% reduction in order cancellations.

5% increase in repeat customers.

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