Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

A website refresh
for the launch of
Jimmy’s new Flat White

A website refresh for the launch of Jimmy’s new Flat White

When Jimmy's Iced Coffee needed a new website, they turned to us for delivery.

As a business, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is the ultimate success story. Inspired by the drink in Australia, and unable to find anything similar anywhere in the UK, Jimmy and his sister, Suzie, started experimenting in her coffee shop.

Nine years later, the drink is stocked in all the major supermarkets, including Tescos and Sainsbury’s; with turnover in excess of £2million. Their online presence is also strong – 35,000 likes on Facebook, 21,000 Instagram followers and 2 rap videos to boot. It was time for an online refresh to keep up with demand.

The brief

A new website for Jimmy’s would need to be responsive to appeal to their heavily mobile audience. As with many of our clients, content control was key, requiring them to be able to add new content and quickly adapt to changing social channels, jumping on trends as they happen. It would need to remain on brand, keep the fun-loving Jimmy’s vibe throughout, but still appeal to supermarket buyers. It needed to integrate the Jimmy’s merchandise ecommerce store directly into the site, allowing for better cross-pollenation and discovery of content.

What’s more, it needed to tie-in with their New Product Development roadmap, where they were about to drop a new Flat White into their offering. The website needed to show off the product in all it’s canned glory.

The Process

As the second iteration of the Jimmy’s Iced Coffee website, and working alongside Jimmy’s design and brand team, we developed a powerful, responsive site, adaptable for all device sizes. The plan was simple – reduce the visual complexity and streamline the content to a single page site, capable of conveying the Jimmy’s brand without overwhelming the visitor with excess information.

Moving from a complex WooCommerce setup to a two-step checkout for the merchandise shop allowed Jimmy’s web editors to showcase products around the site as well as control how and where they were displayed.

A complex but visually-effective ‘skewed’ design gives visual continuity throughout the site, and draws together the story of Jimmy’s as well as showcasing the future of the product.

We always have to put our own spin on a project to make it unique and stand out from the crowd. Many gets that and gives a very tailored and personal service that goes above and beyond meeting our needs. Truly awesome guys who do awesome work.

Nick Waring

Head of Creative, Jimmy's

The Results

The site was launched alongside the announcement of the new Flat White product, and was met with overwhelming success.


visitor return rate


increase in organic search traffic since launch


unique visitors served daily

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