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Built on positivity

Founded in 2010, they’ve built their brand on positive messaging – bringing their upbeat personalities, beach lifestyle and humour to the foreground. They exist to inject a little feel-good into every customer interaction, as well as to deliver refreshment wherever they can.

Until 2017, they were selling mainly through supermarkets. But they felt a disconnect between the drink that customers saw on the shelf and the brand behind it. They wanted to take back ownership of their relationship with their customers and build a personalised shopping experience for each one.
That’s where we came in.

Building a community

An exclusive email-based fan club for the brand. A motor and cycle-based digital magazine, The Rideclub brought petrol and pedal heads together through a common interest and placed Jimmy’s at the centre of that community. In the years that followed, the list has grown 10,000+ subscribers and has been at the heart of events organised by Jimmy’s, including the Ride Club Rally.

Subscriptions to match the brand

Building on the success of The Rideclub, we launched Jimmy’s D2C subscriptions service on Shopify and Skio, offering customers a way to keep their fridges stocked directly from the brand itself.

In line with Jimmy’s values of honesty, transparency and trust, we designed and delivered the system to include straight-forward ordering, clear and simple pricing, incredible customer service and absolutely no anti-patterns to trick customers.

Seeking out efficiency

From the start, our team has run a continuous optimisation program to improve conversion and make the store more efficient. In 2022, Jimmy’s moved from an in-house dispatch process to a fulfilment partner, hugely streamlining logistics and saving valuable man-hours to work on more important tasks.

Powerful promotions

We delivered Jimmy’s a real-time promotions system, generating over 70,000 in-store visits through real-time giveaways. Later, we equipped them with the capability to execute advanced discounting and promotions on their online store using a bespoke cart and checkout, built by us from the ground up.

Supporting campaigns

Along with the website, we’ve driven traffic, grown their subscription base and delivered a 20:1 ROI with social campaigns. Using a blend of creative from the Jimmy’s team and unique visuals developed by us, the campaign captured attention by breaking out of frames and using visual trickery.