A CRO programme for clothing customisation ecommerce

A CRO programme for clothing customisation ecommerce

The Brief

Clothes2Order are one of the leading online clothing customisation providers in the UK supplying both the B2B market (large corporate clients such as Google, Sainsbury’s and Virgin) and the B2C end-user market (individuals, stag do’s, smaller charity events etc).

From an ecommerce and UX perspective, clothing customisation is one of the more complicated user journeys and sales funnels challenges out there. Clothes2Order had recognised they needed to improve their customisation tool – they wanted to improve the user experience and make the whole customisation process easier. They also knew that this would be a great opportunity to update the look, feel and usability of the site as a whole too.

We were engaged to provide UX consulting and design services with a follow-on phases of UX design and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) that would implement a series of quick wins prior to a major redevelopment and re-platforming of their website.

Our Approach

We use an agile project management methodology working in close collaboration our clients’ internal teams to interrogate their brief and fully understand their business needs. After workshopping use cases, customer journeys and capabilities and limitations of the back-end and factory processes we were able to process-model the customisation tool and regular ecommerce functions. Further workshops teased out elements such as their brand identity, design concept and aesthetic preferences.

For the UX design phase we decided to use Figma, cloud-based design tool as an integral part of the project as it is ideally suited for UX design. It offers some unique features that would improve efficiency and communication – namely:

  1. cloud-based collaborative designs
  2. real-time access to designs and prototypes
  3. scalability
  4. version control
  5. design integrity and component conformity.

Figma allowed our team in Bournemouth to collaborate in real-time with Clothes2Order’s team in Manchester, adjusting components, designs and prototypes as we discussed issues and next design iterations during bi-weekly workshops.

Some key concepts informed early discussions related the UX designs. One of the leading concepts was “mobile first” – our design solution must provide an experience that not only worked for mobile, but had mobile UX as the primary focus behind each design element. Another of these notions was “quiet design” in which the visual-scale or hierarchy of the site is recalibrated so non-essential elements and peripheral functions are de-emphasised to allow important functions and elements to “pop”. Another notion was singularity – presenting the user with a single choice or drastically simplified choices where possible – removing distractions and non-essential elements so key task and progression in their user-journey could be more easily accomplished.

For the CRO testing phase we used VWO, SpeedCurve, Hotjar and Google Analytics for our tooling. VWO provides a robust environment with a full suite of tools to in which to design, build and run your tests.

Customisation Tool UX and Design

We delivered a full end-to-end UX and design solution to meet Clothes2Order’s requirements through an iterative process. Each sprint would tackle a series of components and functions which we would then review with Clothes2Order in a workshop, taking feedback, offering suggestions and noting adjustment. Through this close collaboration we were able to provide a unified and cohesive design vision.

Working on the feedback in real-time between Bournemouth and Manchester via Figma we were able to fully leveraged our client’s organisation knowledge, expertise and insights of their customers’ needs and their own specific business requirements and edge cases whilst interrogating the designs in an exacting fashion. The result were a complete set of desktop and and mobile design visuals and prototypes that would enable the development team to build the responsive web app for the customisation tool as part of the site’s overhaul and re-platforming.

Ecommerce UX and Design

Following on from the design of the customisation tool, Clothes2Order asked us to also deliver a full set of designs and UX improvements for the rest of the ecommerce site using the same design language and look and feel we had delivered for the customisation tool. We used the same methodology of iterative design sprints, taking feedback from each sprint to inform and adjust subsequent template and component designs. We delivered a full set of templates for the full gamut of ecommerce page types, templates, modals and components for mobile and desktop for a fully front-end responsive build.

CRO Test Programme

As an interim step prior to the site re-build and re-platforming Clothes2Order asked if we could assist them with a conversion rate optimisation programme. They wanted to see if using light-touch intervention we could deploy some of the design concepts we had delivered into the existing site and gauge if and how these changes might prove successful.

We were confident that our design approach was sound and our UX team were keen to demonstrate the potential improvements even smaller elements individual template changes might make. In terms of tool, used the VWO testing platform in conjunction with Google Analytics, Speed Curve and Hotjar. We analysed their data, presented a series of hypotheses of issue/improvements and in conjunction with their development team triaged which test subjects had the greatest potential commercial reward and uplift vs effort and complexity to implement. From this “priorities list” of hypotheses we create a series of test plans and then implemented and ran the tests, with weekly workshops in which we analysed and reported on the test data.


Projected Revenue Uplift CRO Test #3


Projected Revenue Uplift CRO Test #4


ROI for UX design / CRO programme

The Results

Clothes2Order were delivered a full-set of responsive high-res colour designs and prototypes for their ecommerce website and customisation tool that would allow them to begin their rebuild and re-platforming process. We were able to provide them with confidence in the heuristics and design language we used in those designs through real-world proof-of-concept testing. The CRO programme indicated significant improvement in UX and conversion performance with large uplift performance of design elements when implemented when winning test elements were made live.

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