Reshaping the
perception of
sustainable fashion

Reshaping the perception of sustainable fashion

Slowing down the fashion industry

Fashion is increasingly under the spotlight when it comes to sustainability. When Agatha Lintott, an accomplished buyer for Tom Ford and Burberry, decided to carve a new path for sustainable fashion, she came to Many to help deliver it.

She recognised a gap in the market; an ethical brand with elegance, that wouldn’t be out of place both in the boardroom or out for dinner in London. And for Agatha, the personal touch was important. Creating an online marketplace for the ethical buyer was a piece in the puzzle of a much larger picture. Agatha’s team hand selects, visits and vets every product, meeting the creators and getting a feel for the brand.

With the scrutiny of fast fashion, it was imperative that Antibad held its own under the spotlight. The site had to be built to highlight the virtues of each product, and avoid the common pitfalls of the general fashion industry criticism – flash sales, high return rates and a heavy environmental impact.

Magento, meet #slowfashion

As a fully-fledged contender in the eCommerce space, Magento 2 fit the bill perfectly. The design is infinitely customisable, the system can handle thousands of products with ease and orders processed at the click of a button. With a huge plugin ecosystem, we were able to bypass a lot of the everyday grunt work so we could focus on what we should be doing: creating a beautiful, easy to navigate marketplace that tells the story of the love that the brand puts in.

A key consideration of the design phase was mobile-first optimisation – not only was it important that we considered mobile device browsing, it had to form the very core of each design decision, ensuring that customers never experience a second-rate visit when on mobile. With this in mind, navigation was simplified, non-essential peripheral elements were muted in tone, and we used visually impactful elements to ensure that a single key function (such as an “Add To Basket” button) appeared at any one time.

By peeling back the design, almost to the point that it became secondary, we were able to make the products the primary focus for the user. We further enhanced this by utilising large, bright, high resolution product imagery, allowing the user to inspect the product and interact with each and every garment.

International brands

Featuring brands from around the world, Antibad wanted to highlight both the artisans that make their products and where they are based. Using a brand map, Antibad is able to give customers a taste of the suppliers’ local inspiration whilst allowing them to explore the global brands available via the store.

For Antibad, the business model and supply chain was built on transparency. Ethical banking partners, a traceable supplier network and certifications from OEKO Tex and Greenpeace all set the tone for the development of the marketplace.

The results

Many delivered Antibad a bespoke Magento 2 build, based on the latest industry standards. It was responsive, mobile-first and utilised performance optimisation techniques that improved ranking and Google indexing. From launch, the website has sustained page-one rankings for key sustainability search terms. Many built a load-balanced and highly available hosting system using Amazon Web Services, which ensures sub-second load times for customers anywhere in the world.

Customers around the world continue to be delighted with the Antibad store, with many returning monthly to browse new collections.


requests served per day


increase in AoV since launch


customers served since launch

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