What We Do

Paid Social & Influencer Campaigns

Paid social and influencer marketing offer some of the best value marketing bang-for-buck available

We’re in a golden era of social marketing, and paid social campaigns should be part of any marketing manager’s marketing mix. With social, it’s about attention, and getting the right attention in the right audiences is key. Paid social campaigns build on top of your existing social efforts. Expanding your reach, engaging audiences that are out of your organic touch and exposing your brand to lookalike audiences locally, nationally or globally.

Many focuses it’s attention on quality: it’s about getting the right engagement, rather than a shotgun approach. Our paid social offering covers Facebook Ads and Boosted posts, Instagram Ads and Stories, Snapchat filters, Pinterest sponsored pins, YouTube Ads and TikTok Sponsored Posts. We focus on creatively and expertly executed campaigns, often running across multiple channels at once.

Add influencers to the mix, and you have an explosive campaign, set for virility. Influencers add kudos and clout to any campaign. When negotiated well and managed carefully, influencers can return 15:1 or even 20:1 on earned media campaigns.

Partnership and campaign management

We help brands reach social audiences through carefully coordinated and strategic partnerships with influencers and platforms alike. Throughout the campaign, we craft an authentic story, and we use a unique toolset to manage the delivery and follow-up of the campaigns we run. We handle everything – from campaign concept through the feedback loop to reporting the results, and we constantly align and re-align the strategy to meet your marketing objectives.

Want to hear what we could do for you?

Our team can handle simple paid social campaigns, through to globally defined multi-influencer campaigns for major brands and everything in between.