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Paid Media Management

Digital is Ubiquitous

In the UK, digital media accounts for over 50% of media consumption for those under 65 years old (with this figure rising to 75% for those under 35, and 85% for those under 25 years-old). As a general rule, advertisers should be skewing their marketing mix to achieve visibility where their audience are consuming media. So, if you want to reach your audience, it is almost certain that you will need to consider paid search and digital advertising as part of your marketing mix.

Our flavours of paid media management

The Golden Ratio

Every campaign begins with experimentation. Using our collective shared knowledge of the paid media ecosystem and our internal tooling built in-house, we create variations of your adverts imagery, keywords, titles, landing pages and descriptions – sometimes many hundreds or even thousands of permutations. Over the first few months of your paid campaign, we cull the least performing adverts until we’re left with a small subset of adverts, all of which are achieving our best Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

The average of these CPAs is our ‘Golden Ratio’ and forms the benchmark for the rest of the campaign. We continually monitor all of our paid campaigns and work to meet or beat the Golden Ratio with each subsequent advert or creative we launch into the campaign. It’s through this process that we ensure the best ROI for our advert spend for every single one of our clients.