What We Do

Mobile & App Development

Mobile as a platform has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years

Keeping up with the rate of change can seem daunting, but our team is able to expertly navigate and simplify the experience using a blend of industry-leading expertise and bespoke tooling.

Mobile and tablets provide a unique opportunity to engage with your user and provide a truly engaging experience, directly on the device they use every day. A well crafted mobile execution can increase or even replace engagement from users, allowing brands to stay even more connected with their consumer than ever before.

Our mobile development team works across a range of frameworks and tooling to produce high performance and reactive mobile and progressive web apps.

Ionic and Cordova App Development

Often touted as an entry-level mobile app development platform, Cordova and it’s updated singling Ionic uses web technology to build mobile apps. Whilst it’s limited to a basic sub-set of functionality, for example, it wouldn’t be able to handle 3D games or high-processor usage; it is well positioned to provide straight forward user interfaces such as forms, data entry and simple animation.

Our mobile app team is experienced with not only building but supporting Cordova and Ionic apps in all the major App Stores. Using a bespoke workflow, we’re able to dramatically reduce the complexity of building these kind of apps, allowing our team to focus on the specialist user interface, integration and testing work.

For simple apps, prototypes and minimum viable products, Ionic and Cordova are well placed to provide rapid build and deployment times.

Vue Native and React Native mobile app development

With major backers like Google and Facebook, Vue and React have become really popular web and app frameworks. With their Native counterparts, these frameworks bring the power and efficiency to the mobile ecosystem.

Able to handle more complex use cases and with an extensive library of plugins, modules and third party packages, apps built with VueNative and ReactNative are able to handle common tasks, as well as 3D gaming, AR, VR and real-time, split second data transfer and management. What’s more, the frameworks are cross-platform, supporting both iOS and Android with minimal setup and configuration.

Our team has over 10 years of React and Vue experience and we’ve used it to provide apps for a huge variety of clients, large and small. By combining these common tools with an optimised toolkit that we’ve built in-house, our team is able to scale React and VueNative apps from hundreds to many millions of users.

Native App Development

Using a number of languages, our team is able to build, support and maintain native apps across all major app stores and platforms. Although the cross platform frameworks are hot on the heels of native, truly native development still provides the ultimate power when it comes to graphics, computation and general heavy lifting.

Our team includes iOS specialist and Android specialist developers, and we’ve used the like of Swift and Java to create incredible games, augmented reality experiences and mind blowing virtual reality worlds. When it comes to immersive, high complexity and intensive processing mobile apps, fully native is the best option.

Looking to dominate in the mobile space?

With over 10 years of mobile experience developing mobile apps for major high street brands, we’re well placed to help discover, develop and deploy mobile apps.