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London born, Bournemouth bred

We build best in class online experiences for leading brands through expert knowledge and insights.

Consumers expect more from brands. More empathy. Better communication. Greater service and aftercare. It’s these demands and how brands meet them that turn good brands into great ones. Many exists to help brands provide the best end-to-end experience available online. From carefully crafted activation, through a beautiful discovery experience to an exceptional aftercare and follow up, we connect the dots for brands and help them turn customers into fanatics.

Using a best-in-class technology and creative stack and by ensuring that brands are positioned correctly, Many creates exceptional experiences that stand the test of time. We’re purpose-built to remain boutique and specialist, servicing clients across the consumer electronics, FMCG, fashion, home and garden and eCommerce sectors.

Our Clients

Every day, brands trust us to build exceptional experiences, voices and touchpoints that allow them to engage in meaningful communications with their clients. It’s a challenge we don’t take lying down, focusing obsessively on the quality of the work we do and the results we produce.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve worked hard for brands of all sizes to tackle complex challenges, large and small.

A little bit different

We believe things work better when they’re joined up. That’s why our team includes developers, strategists, content creators and analysts. Creatives talking to planners, strategists working with data scientists. We build our team around an expert and thorough understanding of retail. It’s this knowledge that lets us spot trends, navigate new opportunities and nail execution on fresh, joined up, multi-channel campaigns. Ultimately, it’s been the secret sauce of our clients unrivalled success for the last decade.

48 years


23 clients


2 offices


Our Culture

Many isn’t just about digital transformation, eCommerce and apps. It truly starts with the culture that drives the team, our creativity, our curiosity, our desire to make an innovative, positive impact on the world. It isn’t by accident; it’s by design. You can read our culture deck here.

To define our culture, we started with a simple question: How can Many achieve the goal of producing the best and most innovative work in digital? Our answer: Culture, and that’s why it’s central to everything we do and look for in our team. “Agency Culture” comes with baggage and stereotypes (a status quo). Like with our work, we kick the status quo out of the window. Culture is not astroturf, beer fridges or ping pong tables.

Our culture is based around some core tenets: own your stuff, challenge ideas, be fanatical about knowledge and challenge the status quo. Through our hiring process, we bring these to the fore, and it’s through these core values, we’re able to keep fresh ideas at the forefront of everything we do.

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